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About the Playwright...

For an individual who firmly believes any temperature below 70 degrees is freezing, yet lives, where for a good portion of the year, the thermometer doesn't register 70, is an indication that this person's bubble is off center, and so are his scripts.

Spending the first eighteen years of his life in the city, the author migrated to the forests and small villages of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and then to the Northern shores of Lake Michigan. To this day, he has not recovered from the cultural shock of that decision to leave the city, where indoor plumbing was more readily available.

Writing play scripts was not an immediate endeavor. In fact, the experiences accumulated working as a stock person, steel worker, sausage stuffer, meat vendor, social worker, recreational director, theater usher, teacher, cook and businessman planted the seeds that eventually blossomed into the many voices "heard" within the scripts.

The diversity of scripts range from a play that takes off on Divorce Court, where the couples were famous fantasy characters, i.e. Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Snow White and the Prince, to a play that presented a three act play, burlesque show and a Bingo game, all at the same time, James Evans stretches the imagination. Then suddenly, a drama will jump off his pen taking audiences on a completely different experience. Did we over look his opera where not a single musical note is heard?

The only constant is to expect the unexpected.

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