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Lunatic Fringe Players Productions is a Certified Northern Michigan Business Organization which produces original scripts for the theatre, ranging from thought-provoking drama to comedic farce. We specialize in providing scripts that can be marketed to specific audiences, as well as general audiences. These plays can also be utilized as a fund raising strategy for organizations of all types.

These original, copyrighted scripts may be purchased by theatrical groups and performers. Royalties for performances are reasonable from any perspective.

The Lunatic Fringe Players were an acting troupe that performed in Michigan in the 1980's. Only original scripts were presented, usually dealing with the possible absurdities of historical events, pop culture, and every day life. In 2012, the LFP was resurrected for the sole purpose of writing scripts for theatrical performance.

Available Now...

We invite you to explore the script we have at our Available Now page, currently a script for a one-woman play entitled "HUMBLED WOMEN --- BUT NOT THAT HUMBLED." This original script is available to theatrical groups anywhere.

Actresses Needed...

Presently, the Lunatic Fringe Players are seeking an actress, in any location, to perform our one-woman play, "HUMBLED WOMEN --- BUT NOT THAT HUMBLED." See the details about the play and what the role entails at our Available Now page.

What's Coming...

You are also encouraged to read about What's Coming. We are currently preparing two new scripts for forthcoming release.

Contact Us...

We further invite you to contact us at with any inquires.

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