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What's Coming...

Forthcoming Scripts we are presently in the process of preparing two new scripts for release.

Script One

Borrowing the concept developed by the late Steve Allen's "Meeting of the Minds," this play brings together a Moderator and four guests from the past. They discuss between them their past lives and their ideas. Then the characters reveal how their thoughts and ideas would relate to the present world of today.

The guests are, Sayyid Qtub, the philosophical founder of Al Qaida, Roger Williams, the designated founder of the Baptist Church in America, Clarence Darrow, Chicago attorney famous for his participation in the Scopes Trial in Tennessee and Hatshepsut, the only female Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

This play is designed to present historical thought to an adult audience to stimulate discussion among them.

Script Two

The second script being prepared is a comedic-farce. The setting is an employment agency staffed by three individuals. This employment agency caters to "characters" who have unique job skills. Unfortunately, work opportunities for them are difficult to locate.

Some of the job seekers, but not all, are: a suicide bomber seeking long-term employment, a fantasy baseball player, the Easter Bunny who wants steady employment instead of working just one day a year, a female spider who insists she is the original and the only true Web Master in today's computer world. There is some talk that Olive Oyl will send Popeye to the agency to find work because he is nearing sixty years old with no job and still doesn't utilize a fork to eat his spinach!

As soon as these scripts are completed and have progressed through the copyright process, public offering will commence.

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