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A One Woman Play

This script is being offered to theatrical groups and women performers, anywhere. A natural market for this play is women's organizations, i.e. Zontas, which could utilize the theatre experience as a fundraiser.

Beginning before Genesis and concluding in the year 1818, this copyrighted script revisits the lives of six historical women in an entertaining and thought-provacative, one-woman play. The actress, utilizing story telling skills, demonstrates to an audience, that if these women were alive today, they would be labeled feminist agitators.

In the male-dominated societies in which these historical women lived, the word feminist did not exist, in any language. Therefore, these women were considered agitators who needed to be "humbled" into silence. Yet, unknowingly, these six women, out of a group of many, planted the seeds, in which over the centuries, have blossomed into the Woman's Rights Movement worldwide.

The role requires an actress to portray a woman who is intelligent but at the same time somewhat erratic in her personality. She is serious but can also be considered off-beat. She constantly becomes easily side-tracked off the subject but recovers as if nothing unusual has occurred. She has a bubbly personality but it is obvious that she can be cynical. She takes delight in poking fun at male-dominated societies, wherever they exist, in the past or present. She also enjoys poking fun at herself and has a very good time doing so. She is unabashedly pro-woman and proud of it.

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